Would you like to share with us, within the scope of LIFE IP AZORES NATURA project, your pictures of the Azorean marine environment?

The LIFE-IP AZORES NATURA project is an important marine conservation project occurring until 2027, and has a strong marine environmental literacy and awareness component. Within the framework of its actions, it aims to spread images of the Azorean sea. If you agree to share your images, we will guarantee the reference to the authorship and will always inform you every time the images are used.

The pictures and videos you agree to provide, graciously, under this initiative, will be used exclusively for education and environmental awareness purposes, both in this and other marine conservation projects in which DRAM is involved. The actions in which DRAM participates are non-profit.

The images you agree to share with us can be captured with any type of equipment, either underwater cameras, digital cameras, drones, mobile phones or others. They can include marine or coastal landscape, flora, fauna or even human activities and marine uses.

Please contact us via email at info.dram@azores.gov.pt either sending us your pictures/videos directly, or expressing your will to be contacted in the future requesting some images.

We rely on you to improve the images database of Azorean marine flora and fauna we are compiling!”


Photo: DRAM