Under action C4.1 “Best practice for terrestrial habitats conservation”, the operational team of the LIFE IP AZORES NATURA project, coordinated by the Regional Secretariat for Environment and Climate Change, started the field work to manually remove the species  Hedychium gardnerianum and Hydrangea macrophylla in Ribeira da Lomba waterline, which represent the main threat to this habitat and for the native biodiversity.

Furthermore, the presence of these invasive alien species has a negative impact on the native species present in this area, namely the species covered by the Habitats Directive: Euphorbia stygiana subsp. stygiana (troviscus), Rumex azoricus, Woodwardia radicans (button fern) and Culcita macrocarpa (hair fern).


With the financial support of the LIFE Programme of the European Union.