Prioritized Action Framework for the Natura 2000 Network (PAF – Prioritized Action Framework)

PAF is a strategic multiannual planning instrument designed to provide an overview of the measures required to manage the Natura 2000 Network and its green infrastructures at European Union (EU) level.
It specifies the financing needs of these measures and links them with the corresponding EU funding programs.

In accordance with the objectives of the Habitats Directive, established by Natura 2000 Network, the measures to be identified in the PAF are essentially intended to ensure the conservation and restoration of natural habitats and species of EU importance in a favorable state of conservation, while taking into account economic, social and cultural requirements as well as regional and local particularities.

PAF Priority Measures for the Autonomous Region of the Azores, in the period 2014-2020:

  • Management and enhancement of Natura 2000 Network and Regional Network of Protected Areas;
  • Strengthening knowledge of biodiversity and its monitoring and surveillance;
  • Preserve and restore natural heritage and biological diversity;
  • Promotion of sustainable development of the territory.