Bosque da Junqueira

Island - Pico

Code - PIC1

What are we intending to do

The project’s interventions will take place in priority habitats and in habitats with an unfavourable conservation status within the intervention area (Natura 2000 codes 4050*, 7130, 91D0*, 9360* and 9560*), with the aim of safeguarding the species protected by the Habitats Directive, such as Frangula azorica, Erica azorica, Culcita macrocarpa, Woodwardia radicans, Sanicula azorica and Arceuthobium azoricum, all present in this area.
The project is implementing a set of tasks that will improve the conservation status of this intervention area, namely:
– Installation of fences to prevent cattle from accessing the area;
– Selective removal of exotic and invasive species, such as ginger lily (Hedychium gardnerianum), hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla) and Pittosporum undulatum;
– Planting of native species that occur naturally in this area (Erica azorica, Frangula azorica, Ilex perado subsp. azorica, Juniperus brevifolia, Laurus azorica, Vaccinium cylindraceum and Viburnum treleasei).

Bosque da Junqueira Bosque da Junqueira Bosque da Junqueira
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