It is with excitement that the Regional Directorate for Sea Affairs, beneficiary of the LIFE IP Azores Natura project, acknowledge the mobilization of citizens, organizations and enterprises to implement the “Limpezas Costeiras e Subaquáticas na Rede Natura 2000 da Sua Ilha” campaign within the scope of this project.
Only with the commitment of all it was possible, in the first edition (2020) of this campaign, to collect and dispatched to the regional residues management system over 3 tons of marine litter, including 57 tiers, 1.340 kg of plastic, 138 kg of glass, 576 kg of metal and 1.114 kg of unsorted materials. In total, 45 entities from eight islands organized 28 cleaning actions (24 coastal and 4 underwater clean-up events), involving around 500 volunteers.
The participation of all the volunteers and partners was commendable and decisive for the success of the campaign. This campaign would not have reached this expression without your collaboration. We hope to count with your participation in future editions of the campaigns.
The shore of our islands is counting on us!