The LIFE IP AZORES NATURA project continues to monitor seabirds on the islets within the frame of actions C6.1 “Restoration of seabird habitat on islets” and D5.1 “Monitoring of terrestrial habitats, species and conservation problems”.

From 20 to 21 March, the SPEA technical team, in collaboration with the Nature Park of Santa Maria, carried out the following tasks on Vila islet:

– Monitoring of 164 nests, 30 of which were occupied by Audubon’s shearwater (Puffinus lherminieri); that is, with egg, adult and egg, adult and chick, or chick. The number of occupied nests was higher compared to previous years, with only 16-17 breeding pairs;

– Installation of motion sensor cameras to assess predation events, as well as to verify the behavior and frequency of visits to the nest;

– Replacement of the ARU (autonomous sound recording unit).

From there, the team continued to Praia islet off Graciosa island, where they monitored 170 nests, 17 occupied by Audubon’s shearwater – either with egg, adult and egg, adult and chick, or chick. They also found 1 Band-rumped storm petrel chick (Hydrobates castro) almost fledging and 3 Monteiro’s storm petrels (Hydrobates monteiroi) on the verge of starting another breeding season.