Within the scope of Action C4.1 “Best practices for the conservation of terrestrial habitats”, the construction of cattle exclusion fences in the Caveiro intervention area on Pico Island has begun. In total, 16.7 km of fence will be installed by our operational assistants, to keep cattle from grazing inside the project’s 4 intervention areas (Caveiro, Mistério da Prainha, Bosque da Junqueira and Pico da Urze). Within the fenced areas, plantations will be carried out to reinforce populations of native species such as Frangula azorica, Laurus azorica, Juniperus brevifolia, Ilex perado subsp. azorica, Vaccinium cylindraceum, Erica azorica, Viburnum treleasei and Myrsine retusa. In addition to the plantations, focal points of invasive species will be controlled, mainly Hedychium gardnerianum (ginger lily), Rubus ulmifolius and Hydrangea macrophylla (hydrangea).