Chaerophyllum azoricum, is a species found only on the islands of São Miguel, São Jorge, and Pico. It does not have an altitude dependence, and can reach up to 150 cm in height.

It is a species that has a conservation status of Critical Endangered. The populations of this species are estimated to have less than 250 individuals, very fragmented and, therefore, this species is protected by the Habitats Directive and the Berne Convention. The main threats to this species are alien species, humans, as well as deposits of debris. However, it is predation, mostly by rabbits, that most affects the survival rate of this species.

Considering the weaknesses of this species, and its importance for the natural heritage of the Azores, the LIFE IP Azores Natura project will try to improve the conservation status of this species through action C3 “Implementation of pilot works for conservation of endemic flora”.