On the plateau of island of Pico, the LIFE IP AZORES NATURA project is committed to protecting the Caveiro Reserve. A team of field workers from the Pico Environment and Climate Change Service is installing a fence that will help restore the natural habitat of this landscape, preventing livestock access and thus avoiding damage caused by herbivory and trampling.

At first, these interventions may seem impactful, as evidenced by the damage caused by the machine that helped distribute the posts for the fence, but each step was taken with the aim of ensuring a more sustainable future for the Reserve, with the assurance that we are committed to reversing any negative impact caused.

This intervention is part of action C4.1 “Good practices for the conservation of terrestrial habitats” and complements action C13.2 “Minimizing the impacts of agriculture in areas of the Natura 2000 network”. After the installation of the fence is completed, the restoration will be boosted with the planting of native woody species and the removal of invasive alien flora species.

We also remind our guides and visitors that, to preserve this special space, it is essential to follow the regulations of the Pico Island Nature Park. This ensures that we can enjoy Reserva do Caveiro while protecting it for future generations.