As part of the implementation of Action C4 (Restoration and conservation of terrestrial habitats), the LIFE IP AZORES NATURA project, the São Miguel Natural Park together, and in close collaboration, with the Regional Directorate of Forest Resources carried out a monitoring action, in which a forest inventory (height measurement and Diameter at Chest height) was carried out, with the objective of characterizing the initial installation of the forest stand in the intervention area, the “Mata dos Cachaços”, which is located in the interior of Lagoa do Fogo Nature Reserve (LIFE IP AZORES NATURA intervention area).

The Regional Forest of Cachaços has its management certified by the FSC® initiative (License Code FSC® C119744), similar to the other Regional Forests and vacant land Forests that comprise the Forest Perimeter of São Miguel.

The certification of forest management represents a message of credibility passed on to the market and to consumers, attracting sympathy and preference for choice, creating opportunities for access to markets that better value forest products, especially wood, but also “forest services”, such as the protective functions of soil and water, pastures and biodiversity, with a recognized landscape composition and a strong component for recreational and educational use.