Ilhéu do Topo

Island - São Jorge

Code - SJO2

What are we intending to do

The following project interventions will take place on Topo Islet to improve the conservation status of the seabird species protected by the Birds Directive by increasing the availability of nesting habitats and protecting the target species from predators:
– Installation of artificial nests for procellariiformes;
– Installation of shelter boxes for terns during their breeding season;
– Removal of exotic and invasive plant species;
– Planting and direct sowing of native species that occur naturally in this area: Asplenium marinum, Atriplex prostrata, Azorina vidalii, Crithmum maritimum, Erica azorica, Daucus carota subsp. azoricus, Euphorbia azorica, Festuca petraea, Frankenia pulverulenta, Lotus azoricus, Myosotis maritima, Plantago coronopus and Spergularia azorica, in order to reintroduce these species to the islet or reinforce existing populations;
– Implementation of biosecurity measures (traps and other devices) to detect possible invasions by exotic species (for example rodents).

Ilhéu do Topo Ilhéu do Topo Ilhéu do Topo Ilhéu do Topo
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