The Regional Directorate for Maritime Policies (DRPM) promotes, since 2015 (then as DRAM), within the scope of its competencies, regular coastal and underwater cleaning campaigns in all the islands, and collects information from a large number of campaigns that are organized by other public and private entities. We must now share the results of this joint effort between the regional administration, local authorities, schools, authorities, non-governmental organisations and citizens.
In the year now ending, over 18 tonnes of marine litter were collected and sent to the waste management system in the region, of the following types: 5261 kg of plastic, 531 kg of glass, 1136 kg of metal, 32 kg of paper and cardboard, 622 kg of textiles, 3176 kg of processed wood, 7744 kg of rubber, 72 kg of undifferentiated waste, and 105 tyres.
Until November 22, we had registered in our database (which we can make available to anyone who wishes to do so) the participation, in all the islands, of 63 entities, involving 1923 volunteers, who organised 100 cleaning events (92 coastal clean-ups, 5 underwater clean-ups, and 3 coastal clean-ups in remote locations with the help of boats). These actions are also supported by the LIFE IP Azores Natura and OCEANLIT projects, of which DRPM is a beneficiary partner.
DRPM is therefore grateful for the collaboration of all people and entities that voluntarily get involved in this great collective effort. We are all to be congratulated!
From our part, we can only promise that, in 2023, there will be more!