The LIFE IP AZORES NATURA project has seen its work presented at the 4ᵗʰ ESP Europe Conference on Crete, Greece, which took place from 10 to 14 October.
To assess the effectiveness of the conservation measures implemented by the project in the intervention areas and their importance for ecosystem services, the project hired an external team specialised in the area – ²eco, Lda. –, which participated in the 4ᵗʰ ESP Europe Conference, where it had the opportunity to present the work developed in collaboration with the project.
The main theme of this conference, held by the EPS – Ecosystem Services Partnership, was the importance of ecosystem services provided to people and society in times of crisis and included the participation of several entities involved in this issue.
Within Action D4 “Monitoring the project’s effects on ecosystem services”, the project and ²eco have carried out work that has so far allowed the development of an evaluation matrix, in which the different ecosystem services were selected and crossed with the 𝘩𝘢𝘣𝘪𝘵𝘢𝘵 of the Habitats Directive found in the project’s intervention areas. In this way, it is possible to assess how the conservation work developed, by the project, in the different intervention areas is contributing to the protection of the services that ecosystems provide, whether through support, provisioning, regulation or cultural and recreational services.